Building Your Creative Community: tune in to our next online workshop series!

Building Your Creative Community: tune in to our next online workshop series!

Building Your Creative Community is a new series of workshops presented by Happy Mag and the City of Sydney, aimed at educating young artists on the benefits of collaboration, community, and local culture.

Hosted live on Happy Mag’s Facebook every Wednesday over the next four weeks, tune in to learn all about what it takes to build a community around your art – in the times of COVID-19 and otherwise.

Building Your Creative Community Happy Mag City of Sydney

Are you a young creative? Tune into the Building Your Creative Community workshops: helping the youth of Sydney build a successful music community.

Each workshop will have a specific theme, which you can check out below. If you’re a new artist or just starting to build a community around your music, we’d recommend tuning in to all four. If you’re a little more experienced, it’s worth watching whichever workshops you think will help you best.

Every Building Your Creative Community workshop is totally free to watch, you’ll just need a Facebook account and a device connected to the internet. If you miss the scheduled time of any workshop, no worries – they’ll stay online after each live broadcast.

Check out the outline of each workshop below:

Collaborating and Networking: Everyone needs a community. The first workshop will outline the basics of building a local team, from finding band members to working with local creatives such as photographers, directors, and more.

Building Your Own Events: So you’ve found a band, now what? Learn how to engage local venues when it’s time to start booking gigs, the basics of DIY events, and now that it’s a possibility, the value of online events in lockdown and beyond.

What Your Community Can Do For You: There are many organisations out there fighting for the rights of local musicians. Learn how you should be engaging with support channels including APRA AMCOS, MusicNSW, and many others in order to apply for grants, protect your income, and more.

Your Wider Community: The final workshop is all about your community of fans, friends, collaborators, and mentors. Learn from the best how to keep your fans feeling loved, the best ways to work with others, and how to keep your community engaged in the early days and far beyond.

To cap off the series with a bang, enjoy a special edition of Pyjama Jam presented by City of Sydney. Pyjama Jam is a fortnightly online gig booked and broadcast by Happy Mag in response to COVID-19 lockdowns, to date reaching over 50,000 viewers in the comfort of their homes.

Workshop Schedule

May 20 – Collaborating and Networking – WATCH
May 27 – Building Your Own Events – RSVP
June 3 – What Your Community Can Do For You – RSVP
June 10 – Your Wider Community – RSVP
June 12 – Pyjama Jam: Live at Your Place – Coming soon!

All workshops will be broadcast live on Happy Mag’s Facebook from 5pm AEST, and Pyjama Jam will kick off from 6pm AEST.

Stay up to date by attending the Building Your Creative Community Facebook events here.