What is the hashtag #NotAnOrganDonorAnymore and what is it really doing

What started as an anti-vax protest hashtag has led to a huge influx of people registering as organ donors.

The hashtag has been trending on Twitter and was started by anti-vaxxers as a way of protesting what rights they have over their bodies.

In good old anti-vaxxer fashion, people jumped to Twitter to try to spread the hashtag and the revelation that they had control over their own bodies.

Credit: NosorogUA_Shutterstock

The argument given was that this was a kind of last bastion where you’re allowed to say no to something regarding your own body. The ‘movement’ immediately looked selfish and thoughtless.

While a few people seemed to get on board with the ludicrous personal protest that would only end up hurting people, thousands of others saw this as a reminder to register as organ donors.

Australia is now seeing a huge increase in donors and the hashtag has done more good than damage.

To register as an organ donor or check in on your registration, click here.