What is the world listening to on Spotify? Find out with this global music map

Sometimes you get so caught up in your own musical microcosms that it’s easy to forget that there are infinite scenes out there with their own tastes and trends that are completely removed from those in which you exist. Well, you’re about to be enlightened.

spotify music map

This Spotify music map gives you an incredible insight into what the world is listening to right now with the click of your mouse.

Spotify have just released an amazing insights app that allows you to navigate a map of the world and click on major cities to view what is trending on Spotify each week.

The map changes every week based on what’s popular on the app, but also with some curation help from Spotify Data Alchemist (yep, that’s his title) Glenn McDonald, who “analyses many billions of listener-track interactions on a regular basis to distill each place’s musical character into those distinctive playlists,” according to the site.

Users can click on a country and see what’s “distinctive” (played there disproportionately relative to in other countries), “emerging” (just starting to take hold), “most popular” (streaming from windows, headphones, and cars), and “most viral” (shared left and right) that week; or on a city to see a playlist of songs that sum up what people are vibing on that week.

It’s an incredible way to get an instant aural insight into exotic cities, or explore what the world’s cultural hubs are currently unearthing. Or shit, if you’re travelling, find out what gigs to go to in the next city your heading to by checking out what’s emerging in town.

Go globetrotting via your headphone here: