Which Australian city put on the most gigs in 2017?

It’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself on more than one occasion; am I living in the music capital of Australia? A new set of data gathered by Expedia is here to put that question to rest, determining the cities and countries around the world where the most gigs are happening.

The company pulled their figures from Songkick (the same service we use for our Gig Guide), shifting through almost 370,000 concerts across over 4000 locations in the world. Here’s what they found.

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Photo: Dani Hansen

Which city in Australia hosted the most gigs this year? Who hosted the most shows per population? A pristine new data set has you covered.

Melbourne comes up on top of the list, hosting a chunky 3,127 Songkick gigs through the year. Sydney follows behind on 2,097, while Brisbane and Perth boast similar numbers 1,356 and 1,153 respectively.

Meanwhile the humble Airlie Beach came out numero uno in terms of gigs per population. Check out the data below.

Australian cities with most gigs. Credit: Expedia
Australian cities with highest gigs per 1,000 people. Credit: Expedia

Looking to the rest of the world, USA topped the ‘most gigs’ chart by an absolute landslide. Hats off to the UK, who impressively took home second place in that category, as well as having the second most gigs per million people.

Check it:

Credit: Expedia
Countries with most gigs. Credit: Expedia
Countries with highest gigs per 1 million people. Credit: Expedia

Via Expedia.