Love going to gigs alone? A recent study has proved that solo gigging is on the rise

Can’t take your trap-loving friends anywhere? Join the 65 per cent of live music lovers who have attended gigs on their own, reporting that the music actually sounded better without the company.

Have you ever loved a band so much, you’ve insisted on keeping the gig experience to yourself?

A recent study showed that half of youngsters from 18 to 24 years of age have attended gigs completely and utterly solo.

Live gig
Image: 60 second music marketing

Conducted by DICE, the study showed that 65% of gig-goers have previously attended music events solo, with 98% confessing they’d do it again. In addition to this, 84% admitted the music sounded better when they attended a gig solo.

The reasons for attending a gig solo consisted of friends being unavailable (38%), friends having different taste in music (37%) and deciding to go to a show last minute (31%).  The research showed that indie music was the most popular genre, with 41% preferring guitar, 2% rooting for pop and a dismal 1% for grime.

The research was conducted on 500 people based in the UK, which also showed a 12% increase in live music audience figures since last year, ultimately contributing a massive £4 billion to the country’s economy. The 2015 number of gig and festival attendees in the UK was 27.7 million, jumping to 30.9 million in 2016.

The only percentage drop recorded from the study was 13% in profits made at small venues, holding a capacity no more than 1500… looks like hiding a flask in your pants could still be a trusted method of dodging steep drink prices.