WEIRDO pulls you into a surrealist 3D wonderland with ‘Transcendence’

Berlin artist, WEIRDO, cracks open a steamy dream soundscape with the hypnotically visual track, Transcendence.

Running circles around the mind, WEIRDO paints a new world with the visuals for his latest track, Transcendence

The track is released ahead of his upcoming LP, setting the tone for music that enlightens as much as it consumes.

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Transcendence is a synth oozing wonderwork that pulls you into WEIRDO’s virtual world.

The visuals are a gorgeously surrealist animation created by Lucas Saidl, dropping down a rabbit hole of relationships in all its passion, colour and consuming nature.

WEIRDO takes his electric sound to cinematic realms, triggering every nerve in the body, making it impossible to look away. The tune of Transcendence embodies its name and grabs you with both hands, weaving around the visual stream of consciousness like a strand of DNA.

Every aspect of the audial and visual journey is striking in an effortless way – from WEIRDO’s hauntingly magnetic vocals to the dream-like transition.


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WEIRDO has his hand in the pool of art that consumes every inch of the body – spinning love like a gamble the heart takes, as we watch the beating muscle pull the lever of a slot machine.

And the haunting lyrics of the chorus hang in the air, lingering long after the track ends:

“maybe we’re stuck in another world, maybe we’ll touch when we’ve given up, maybe we’ll fuck when we’ve taken this bump, feeling numb, acting dumb”. 

Transcendence shines a light on the darkest corners of the subconscious, torching the memories that couldn’t be suppressed – WEIRDO intimately digs into the skin, writing, mixing and producing the track from his Berlin-based studio.

We can only assume that WEIRDO will continue to tug the most delicate heartstrings – creating works that transcend space and time.

Check out Transcendence below: