Discrete makes an indestructible collaboration for new single ‘Drown In Me’

Swedish producer, Discrete unites with three international artists, creating an emotionally thrilling and passionate masterpiece.

In an intricately twisting, electronic wonder, Swedish dance-pop producer, Discrete, explodes with his collaborative track Drown In Me

The track, accompanied with an equally magnetising music video, is a deeply rupturing and bursting tune – a kaleidoscopic blend of genres, artists and styles.

Image: Discrete, Facebook

In a collaboration transcending all physicality – Canadian pop artist Kiesza, Icelandic singer Ouse and Colombian artist/actor Dylan Fuentes, drop into a foreign swirl of technicolour. The alliance melts each artists’ unique style, pulling the tectonic plates to create a saturating pop tune.

Drown In Me is a force of the natural elements, a rupturing bass with shimmering synthesisers, swiftly dancing like fire across the earth. Discrete exposes the intimacy of human connection with the rupturing flames of a euphoric sound sharpened by dance floors around the globe. The Swedish producer is the connecting thread woven into the explosion of imagination.


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The track is pulled together with Ouse’s dripping vocals, as the cathartic energy of the water dances in the neon light. Dylan Fuentes then bounces the rhythm in his fingertips with his haunting Spanish vocals until Kiesza bursts from the ocean, delicately painting the battle of falling in love.


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Drown In Me feels like a intricately moving and fast-beating heartbeat, pumping the vitals, heavily breathing and not bound by distance or time. The artists, having never met in person, ignite a resilient and indestructible passion through the tune – “this record wouldn’t have turned out the way it did if it wasn’t for the lockdowns across the world” Discrete credits.


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The force of the elements are at play with the track’s hypnotic euphoria, hard-hitting with each beat – one simply cannot look away from this work of cathartic art. Following the success of Discrete’s debut EP, EXPLORE– there is not a flicker of doubt that Drown In Me is just a stem of what is to come for this international visionary.

Immerse yourself in the story of Drown In Me: