Brittany Higgins met with ScoMo to discuss “reform” at Parliament House

Brittany Higgins long-awaited meeting with ScoMo last week discussed law reform and new provisions to protect staffers.

The official meeting had ScoMo and Higgins chat about reforming the Members of Parliament (Staff) legislation which gives MPs the right to fire staffers immediately should they lose trust in them.

Higgins stated the outdated rule created a power imbalance, and does not protect employees who come forward with complaints. They both discussed the need for an independent and confidential human resources body for complaints that would protect political staffers and “provide clear and consistent guidance, advice and rulings for parliamentarians.”

ScoMo Brittany Higgins
Image: the guardian

Former Liberal staffer and sexual assault survivor, Brittany Higgins had an “honest and frank discussion” with Prime Minister Scott Morrison just last week. At the heart of the “emotional meeting” was Higgins desire “to ensure that no other person would have to go through the trauma” she experienced as a political staffer and called for “real change.”

Has anyone checked on Brittany Higgins? She’s been in with Scomo for a long time and she’s wearing TROUSERS and JEWELLERY!

— Sam Ando 🇦🇺 (@samanthaa1975) April 30, 2021

Higgins spoke positively after their officially met, stating “It was a very constructive meeting and I was very grateful for their time.”

Morrison has also stated he was pleased to “listen to her views on how we can make parliamentary workplaces safe and more respectful.”

Given Morrison’s poor track record of tone-deaf remarks regarding women’s rights, we can only hope that his meeting with Brittany Higgins is the beginning of genuine change to the Old Boys club that is Parliament house.