Scott Morrison goes viral after interrupting female MP while she’s asked about being a woman in politics

In a pitch perfect display, Scott Morrison interrupted Anne Ruston in a recent press conference while discussing sexism in politics.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under fire after interrupting Minister for Families and Social Services, Anne Ruston, whilst she was being questioned during a recent media briefing about her experience as a woman in politics.

Morrison and Ruston appeared in Canberra on Tuesday to announce changes to JobSeeker payment; however, the press conference was quickly overrun with questions pertaining to the recent Liberal Party scandal exposed by ABC’s Four Corners.

scott morrison anne ruston

On Monday night a Four Corners exposé shed light on a culture of sexism and inappropriate affairs within the Liberal Party, in particular in regards to two party members: Federal Attorney-General Christian Porter and Acting Immigration Minister Alan Tudge.

Whilst appearing on Tuesday, Morrison was questioned by reporters about the scandal, before reporters turned to Ruston for insight about her own experiences.

In a video captured by 7News, a reporter can be heard asking, “Ms Ruston, can I ask you, as a woman in the government, your reflections on the culture inside – has it got better, worse or no change since the bonk ban-era?”

Ruston starts to reply before Morrison interrupts her.

“How this ban is referred to, I think is quite dismissive of the serious of the issue, Phil. And I would ask media to stop referring to it in that way,” Morrison describes, before going onto further explain why he doesn’t approve of the label ‘bonk ban’ – a term used to refer to a prohibition of sexual relationships between ministers and their staff, which was instated in 2018.

Eventually, Morrison defers back to Ruston, who awkwardly picks up where she left off.

The video picked up so much traction that #Mansplaining even began trending on social media, and unsurprisingly, people had a lot to say about the incident.

It sure hasn’t been a great month for the Liberals.