Struggling to get people to your gigs? This app is changing up the live scene for musos

Has your band ever gotten hyped up for a gig, lugged around heavy instruments from a beat up mini-van to set up for half an hour, only to discover an embarrassingly empty crowd?

Let that be the last time tumbleweed rolls through your venue.

Photos by Dani Hansen

Put your act on the map with Bandaidz; the new music, social and dating app connecting musos and music lovers from all ends of the sonic spectrum.

Bandaidz is the brand new music, social and dating up built for artists, bands, gig-lovers and promoters. The app works differently depending on what kind of user you are, working towards a common goal of creating crowds at gigs and connecting members of the crowd on a social level.

If you’re a band or artist, yep there’s an annual fee, however the endless struggle of organising gigs and praying for more than a handful of people to show up will cease to exist!

Bandaidz gives you the power to create a gig, which will then invite everyone who likes that type of music (and lives within a 20km radius) to attend your event.

Then hundreds, or possibly even thousands of people invited are free to match, view one another’s profiles and strike up a casual conversation. On their part, the app is free.

If you’re often the one who forgets about your own gigs or just generally has no idea what’s going on, Bandaidz keeps you in the loop with next to no effort on your behalf. The app features a synchronised gig calendar which makes it a stack easier to make your mark and communicate among other members of your band.

It’s as simple as one person in the band creating a gig, which automatically syncs up the calendars of all band members, altering them of all essential information: who, what, where and when. 

People can also review, rate and comment on performances or songs, of course also giving the band the option of sharing it on social media. Fans can tell you what they really thought of your gig and you can either bask in the positive feedback, or use the constructive criticism to help improve future performances.

Bandaidz also offers a strong avenue for recognition, serving as a useful tool for promoters and managers who may be looking for an indie-rock band in Sydney or pop-punk band in Melbourne to play a show. Searching by proximity, genre and date availability, promoters can then reach out simply by asking if the band is keen to play the gig. 

The revolutionary app even allows artists to send push notifications to app holders, combining social media links and a customised message for gig-goers. More people with the app will equal more people who can be invited to your gig, more people you can connect with and more opportunities of being recognised. 

Whether you’re a sucker for local gigs, an independent musician, a struggling band or a promoter looking for some fresh acts, Bandaidz is here to open doors, connect people and help your music to flourish.


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Bandaidz is now available to download on iOS or Android.