Which capital city in Australia has the dodgiest MDMA?

Which capital city in Australia has the dodgiest MDMA?

Since it’s invention MDMA has most widely been used as a recreational narcotic. Despite more recent investigations into the potential medical and psychological benefits of the drug, it remains a Class-A restricted substance in Australia and most of the world.

But that has never inhibited cheeky Aussie high-fliers from grabbing their pills and caps from whatever shady source they could. A stream of ecstasy-related deaths, usually at music festivals, have brought the issue of pill testing to the public sphere in recent times. Now thanks to VICE, someone is taking action on the hugely beneficial procedure we should all be embracing.

Photo: VICE
Photo: VICE

Ignore the government’s rules and take pill-testing to the streets: VICE tests the ecstasy in Australia’s capital cities with their MDMA Census.

Not only was their census far more interesting than the actual Aussie census, it seems it was far more successful.

Out of the MDMA users who volunteered to have their drugs tested, only 28% found out they had actual MDMA in their samples. The other drugs which dominated Australia’s pills and caps were DXM (37.5% of samples), Amphetamine (21.8% of samples), 2C-B (9.375% of samples), and Methylone (3% of samples).

In terms of which city fared the best in the census, it’s a mixed bag. Each city found users with pure MDMA, some speed or DXM cocktails, and even sugar pills. To be honest, a lot of these crystals likely came from the same source, traced back far enough.

What was super apparent was how willing Aussie punters were when it comes to knocking back something dodgy, even after they knew the risks. Safety seems to be a second-hand concern, but whatever gets you high, right?