Noel Gallagher is releasing his own pair of sneakers with his mug printed on

Teaming up with Adidas, Oasis bad boy Noel Gallagher is set to release his own signature shoe.

It’s his own take on the Garwen SPZL trainers as part of Adidas’ 2017 spring SPEZIAL range. And because he’s a Gallagher, he’s made sure that his filthy mug is sitting pretty right on the tongue.

noel gallagher sneaker adidas

Now you can literally walk a mile in Noel Gallagher’s shoes. Thanks to Adidas, the Oasis guitarist is releasing his very own sneaker.

The shoe is said to be 70s inspired, designed by Gallagher himself, and will be released in Spring 2017.

In case there wasn’t enough “LOOK AT ME” screaming from the shoe already, Gallagher’s date of birth will also be featured on the inside of the shoe.

We’re hanging out for Liam’s response. 

Via NME.