White Claw to sue small company for using empty cans as candle holders

White Claw have pounced and slashed at a small business recycling their empty cans for use as candles – kitty got claws.

Caitlin Minges, owner of Fun Club, is being sued by beverage company, White Claw, for appropriating their logo onto candles.

Owner of the alcoholic seltzer, Mark Anthony Brands International, claimed that Fun Club’s recycling of their cans as candles could create problems for White Claw.

White Claw
Image: Alair Gift Shop

According to TMZ, White Claw is a top contender in the seltzer market, accounting for over 50 per cent of the market share.

By 2025, the company are predicting to reach $30 billion in sales – an incredible feat since their 2016 conception.

If that isn’t impressive enough, they also have a solid reputation in the meme market.

But its candle compadre, a small business, has ignited distress that all of that could change.

White Claw is concerned with the irreparable damages that could christen their company through the manifestation of their brand as a candle – particularly if the product is faulty, burns someone or causes a fire.

Something like this could claw down the company, leaving them liable for any damages – but not everyone is buying it.

The production method of the White Claw candle seems pretty straightforward; Fun Club remove the top of the cans, insert the wax and wick into the empty can, before distributing them online.

Allegedly, White Claw is now also asking the court to block the sale of the candles and demand that Fun Club hand over the profits they have made from using their brand.

white claw candles meme lawsuit
Image: Memebase

However, Minges is fighting back, and will attempt to take “any profits that we made“, positing her recycling of the empty can as a positive action, particularly by turning it into something useful – “It is unfortunate that White Claw dislikes recycling“.

But in all honesty, White Claw Candles rolls way better off the tongue than White Claw Seltzers…

The people have spoken, I’m hoping both companies can reconcile their differences and collaborate to bring us a legitimate White Claw scented candle, cos that shit would CLAW!!!