Why a good horn section will make your band the top brass

I was re-watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy the other day. There are a lot of great things about those films. The cast, the locations, the practical effects, the cinematography, all of which were landmark achievements in film. One thing you can’t forget is the music, nothing says epic more than the boss Lord of the Rings soundtrack. And the biggest boss if that orchestra is the horn section. There’s nothing like some tough brass to solidify your squad goals.

Happy Mag

To be truthful we don’t spend much of our Happy time looking into brass music. But when it pops up we get pretty darn excited. Koi Child, Mangelwurzel, On The Stoop and Winston Surfshirt all do a pretty great job of bringing the brass to the party. Or more correctly, it’s the brass that starts the party in the first place.

It’s not just a party vibe they bring. It’s a sense of drama and majesty, and if it’s majesty you’re after then it may as well be done in the presence of The Pale King. The debut EP from Wells, it’s a dark journey into one man’s psyche. Front man Alistair Cairns is well known for putting on some stellar shows, and the thought of his voice matched with some horns sounds too good to pass up. Thankfully, Al will be performing with trumpeteer Ellen Kirkwood (of On The Stoop) when he opens the Happy Mag launch show. It’s certainly not a set to be missed, we’ve heard the pair will have a few tricks up their sleeves.

The whole shebang will take place on January 22 at The Union Hotel in Newtown. Bin Juice, Big White and the very sexy Donny Benet will be playing too. Did we mention the show was also free? Come on down for a good time, and remember, if you subscribe to Happy Mag you’ll go in the draw to win a double pass to Secret Garden!