Why should you be heading to Narara Music Festival? I wasn’t there in ’84, so I asked my mum

Way on back in 1983 Narara Music Festival secured its place as a classic Aussie Rock event. Featuring 100% Aussie bands with everyone from INXS or Australian Crawl, to Cold Chisel or The Angels making a show, Sydney’s Central Coast was set alight with the best rock ‘n’ roll the land down under had to offer.

Now after a 33 year hiatus Narara is back and it’s coming in with a bang!

narara music festival 2017

After more than three decades in the darkness a new day is dawning for Narara, one of the most iconic Aussie rock festivals the country has ever seen.

The festival’s first line up since its resurrection is a tasty one, featuring a stellar Australian selection of bands including some of our personal favourites The Vanns, The Snowdroppers, Polish Club and Dos Enos.

The festival is also throwing a silent 80s disco for those ticket holders who are feeling a little nostalgic.

Narara ran two festivals over ’83 and ’84 and one woman who holds Narara ’84 in high regard is my 52 year old music lovin’ mother. If 2017’s delicious line-up hasn’t already convinced you to grab some tix, grab some mates, get on down to Narara and have a boog’, then these wise words from my mama may just do the trick;

“Narara was heaps of fun. Some friends and I drove down, parked miles away and a big ‘sheep truck’ was herding us festival goers into the site. It was dark so we got a spot where we could and pitched our tent, had some beer, and looked around at the stores.”

“I just remember the bands being brilliant! My friend Julie couldn’t wait to see Simple Minds, and I was a big Annie Lennox fan so the Eurythmics were at the top of my list.”

“These days it’s a different scene but it’s great that the young people get to experience the festival with all these new bands. Plus, it’s always fun getting to know your neighbours in the tents beside you and having a laugh. It was good fun.”

With far too many iconic Aussie festivals going the way of the dodo in recent times, seeing one as huge as Narara reemerge is a welcome change for the better.

Narara 2017 will be held at Mt Penang Gardens in Kariong on Saturday May 6th. Camping and non-camping tickets are available here.

Catch the full lineup below:

The Vanns
The Snowdroppers
Lepers and Crooks
Chase The Sun
Polish Club
Wild Honey
Bone Jones & The Skeletones
Transvaal Diamond Syndicate
Papa Pilko & The Binrats
Space Carbonara
Dos Enos