PREMIERE: Sydney rockers Wicked Things new single ‘LUCI’

Sydney hard rock band, Wicked Things have launched their killer new single LUCI and announced upcoming tour dates.

Hot on the heels of their last single, Oh Yeah, Sydney’s Wicked Things are back with their second killer track of the year, LUCI. And honestly, it’s a hard rock masterpiece.

Packed with fierce guitar and bass, striking drums and electrifying vocals, this high-powered, sonically-mesmerising tune skilfully evokes 80’s hard rock nostalgia, while also carrying an enticing modern flair.


Originally hailing from the Northern Beaches, Wicked Things are a four-piece band of brothers, two of them being identical twins, and they’re on the fast track to dominating Sydney’s rock music scene.

Formed in 2018, the group consists of frontman Kaleb Hills, bassist Gericho Hills, drummer Cooper Hills, and guitarist Blade Hills.

(left) Cooper Hills, Blade Hills, Gericho Hills and Kaleb Hills | Credit: Wicked Things Instagram

Since the launch of their first powerful and promising original, Catalina back in early-2019, the boys have continued to impress their rapidly-growing fanbase in Australia and beyond, with a string of newer releases that showcase their ever-enhancing craft.

As described by Wade Gravy, co-founder of Stoke Travel, the music of Wicked Things embodies all the qualities of “hard and fast, good-time rock ‘n’ roll, on a foundation of big hooks, catchy riffs, massive drums and driving bass lines.” And of course, their latest single LUCI is no exception.

Blade Hills and Kaleb Hills at Frankie’s | Credit: Wicked Things Instagram

Drawing from themes depicted in the iconic 1986 film Crossroads, inspired by the legend of blues musician Robert Johnson, LUCI tells a captivating tale of good versus evil.

“As massive fans of blues and rock n’ roll, this film inspired us greatly, and we decided to write about Eugene Martone’s life post-besting the Devil,” guitarist Blade Hills told us.

The influential movie portrays the journey of aspiring blues guitarist, Eugene Martone, who partners with blues legend, Willie Brown, as they travel to the “crossroads” on a mission to battle the devil in a guitar duel and retrieve Willie’s soul.

Produced as a group, the cleverly written and thought-provoking lyrics deftly convey Martone’s moral struggle and are passionately expressed through a commanding performance by lead singer, Kaleb Hills, whose vocal stylings are reminiscent of the 80s rock ‘n’ roll frontmen of Sunset Strip.

Credit: Wicked Things Instagram

Mesmerising from the very start, a bold and climactic guitar intro, jam-packed with captivating riffs, leads seamlessly into Kaleb’s compelling and dynamic vocal entrance.

As the song progresses, we arrive at the first chorus, where a magnetic and endlessly-playable hook is supported by a strong and illustrious bassline, effortlessly played by Gericho Hills, and layered with spirited backing vocals from the entire band.

Coming into the track’s halfway mark, drummer Cooper Hills skilfully builds momentum before the launch of an epic guitar interlude, featuring a series of dazzling, lightning-fast and spellbinding licks, shredded effortlessly by guitar virtuoso, Blade Hills.

This builds into the track’s third and final chorus, which packs the same punch as the first two, but ups the ante dynamically in preparation for the all-powerful outro. Led by the driving force of high-octane guitar shreds and virtuosic instrumental techniques showcased by the collective group, the track ends with a bang that’s just as gripping as its intro, which only makes you want to hit the replay button once again.

If you’re a local hard rock enthusiast, and you are yet to see Wicked Things live, you’ve been missing out. Over the last five years, they’ve developed a stellar track record of performing energetic, crowd-pumping shows; lighting up stages across some of the country’s most iconic live music hotspots, including Frankie’s, The Duke of Enmore, HiWay Bikini, Crowbar, Max Watt’s and The Triffid.

So if you’re keen on joining their growing fandom and finally seeing one of their exhilarating shows for yourself, you’re in luck. In celebration of LUCI, the brothers have announced some upcoming tour dates.

Stream LUCI here.

Tour Dates

March 11 – The Chippo Hotel, Sydney
March 18 – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne
March 31 – Frankie’s, Sydney
April 8 – Cherry Bar, Melbourne
April 16 – Dicey Riley’s, Wollongong
April 17 – Crowbar Sydney