Listen to Wilco’s perfect cover of David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’

Immerse yourself in a lil gold in the form of Wilco’s very fine cover of ‘Space Oddity’

Wilco just dropped a rendition of David Bowie‘s ‘Space Oddity’ as a tribute on what would have been Bowie’s birthday (8th Jan).

The stunning first few strums lead to a burst of applause from the crowd as the recognition kicks in that this is an ode to Bowie—and what an ode it is! Tweedy positively nails the 1969 classic.

This cover is part of the upcoming Live on the Mountain Stage: Outlaws and Outliers compilation, set to drop on April 19, 2024. Wilco’s take on ‘Space Oddity’ is pure perfection, you can feel the Bowie spirit shining through.

The instrumental intro sets the mood, and Tweedy’s vocals, paying homage to Bowie’s unique style, make it a must-listen. There’s even a killer solo in the middle that hits you in all the right places.

Wilco’s contribution is part of the bigger picture, celebrating the 40th anniversary of Mountain Stage. It’s like a trip down memory lane to the roots of this iconic radio performance program that kicked off back in 1983.

In their own words, Wilco shared, “Tackling Bowie’s space-soaring arrangements is always a challenge, but we’re stoked to be a part of this project.”

Live on the Mountain Stage: Outlaws and Outliers will feature other awesome acts like Jason Isbell, Steve Earle, Molly Tuttle, Alison Kraus, Watchhouse, and more.

As we count down to the full release, dive into Wilco’s killer cover and envelop yourself in the eternal magic of Bowie’s musical legacy.