Phew: National treasure Willie Nelson has received his Covid-19 vaccine

Country music legend Willie Nelson patiently waited and received his Covid-19 vaccine last week at a Texas Drive-Thru clinic.

87-year-old Willie Nelson received his dose of the Moderna vaccine, the first step to getting him back out on the road for his next tour.

The news was confirmed by Nelson’s wife, Annie, who mentioned that “the healthcare workers were kind of angry that we had waited so long, because he is 87 years old and has COPD.”

willie nelson
Photo: Lauren Higgins

Nelson’s 90-year-old older sister and piano player, Bobbie, received the vaccine alongside him. The siblings hope to kick off their tour around late August/September, required that they return for their second vaccine dose in February.

Willie was quick to let fans know that he didn’t feel sore the day after receiving his vaccine. The news comes after wife Annie revealed that the couple has been in strict lockdown for the majority of the pandemic, with Nelson managing to keep busy and sane at his home recording studio.

And busy has he kept, with the songwriter announcing his upcoming Frank Sinatra cover album, That’s Life. Nelson’s 70th solo album will be out on February 26th and includes hits like Luck Be A Lady and You Make Me Feel So Young. 

Nothing makes me happier than hearing that 87-year-old Nelson is kicking Covid in the butt. But, then again, this is the same guy that smoked pot with Jimmy Carter’s son at the White House, there’s not much that can stop this legend.

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