Break-ups to breakdowns: Wolves In Fashion spill the beans on their Dance With Your Shadow EP

Wolves In Fashion recently dropped their EP Dance With Your Shadow, a spellbinding release with one foot on the dance floor and the other ready to stamp down on a self-destruct button.

Two weeks deep into their national tour, we caught up with the band to dig a little deeper into what brought the EP to life.

wolves in fashion dance with your shadow

From dance floor grooves to self-destructive hymns, the devil is in the details for Wolves In Fashion and their EP Dance With Your Shadow.


This song started as a bassline from our resident low-frequency lover, Chris. It was also the first song in our repertoire that included a synthesiser. Ambient clusters in the verse and a repeated melody in the chorus really increase the energy.

Tim’s lyrics are centred around the feeling of seeing someone on the dance floor that you find absolutely infectious, with their movements and energy, creating tension. The ending chorus is the most fun to play live with its half-time groove… our heads always start banging!

Moving On

Moving On is about the struggles that most up-and-coming bands face in the progression of their following and fans. At the end of the day, don’t think about the negatives, just keep “moving on”.

The original demo of this song was written by our rhythm guitarist, Lachlan. After showing it to the guys, the ball started rolling and the collaboration of our musical brains kicked into gear. This song has always been a favourite of ours to play due to its simplicity – it’s always fun to see what we can do to improvise our parts and make it more entertaining in a live gig.

She’s Always Got More

This song started with the bassline as a foundation, jamming and collaborating for hours to flesh out the core structure. During our first live gigs playing this song we always heard comments about the fusion of genres, so it’s fair to say that it includes quite a few of the sounds and grooves which inspire us most.

Lyrically it’s quite tongue-in-cheek, and would be the most ‘fun’ song on the EP.

Last Breath

The lyrics of Last Breath describe being self destructive whilst having an acute awareness of how your negative mindset can further bring you down.

At some point, you accept that something needs to change in the way you perceive yourself. We always had the thought of writing a song with a heavier-leading rhythm section and ambient melodies and soundscapes to top it off, followed by a massive chorus breakdown. We absolutely love rocking this one live.

Something To Prove

This song started out as a jam in a rehearsal with Tim improvising some lyrics over the top. As the song grew in texture and ambience, it became more clear that the song would be about a breakup Tim had recently gone through.

The lyrics portray some of the unfortunate yet necessary arguments that take place towards the end of the relationships when you both realise the futility of losing what you’ve loved for so long, realising what’s most important, and fighting for it.


Catch Wolves in Fashion around town on any of the dates below. Head here for finer details.

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