The mysterious Shyguy leaves all questions unanswered in his gloomy debut clip

I enjoy an element of darkness and mystery in a music video, and that’s exactly what Perth artist Shyguy has delivered. Originally a gripping track, the video accompanying Had it i’m hiding opens up a narrative which is deeply engaging and altogether dark.

The clip opens upon our protagonist and then swiftly switches to a masked companion, and back again to the vocalist. My assumption is that the masked character reflects the hidden side of Shyguy. It’s clever and makes for a promising premise to a great story.

As the title Had it i’m hiding suggests, Shyguy’s debut film clip leaves us privy to his internal struggles with identity and shame.

Against a city backdrop we walk alongside Shyguy in his torment. With brief snapshots between vocalist and the faceless protagonist, there is always something happening, yet also not much happening at all. A two-faced character with a two-faced story to tell… this is something we can get amongst.

The lyricism behind the track seems to be lost in dark drama. A great snapshot of the gloomy streets and abandoned urban terrain, Had it i’m hiding does deliver in mood and tone. It’s a tense clip without being contrived, and for that Shyguy hasn’t fallen short in cinematic quality.

The video is well shot, clear, and showcases the undeniably raw emotion behind Shyguy and his songwriting.

Had it i’m hiding comes as the lead single off of his upcoming EP. He hasn’t revealed much, but of his music Shyguy shares:

“Writing music is all about mood for me… Once I get the essence of the mood I can get lost for days building and layering. The mood can sometimes come from a picture or video sequence.” 

And so it seems that this thread of the deeply personal and darkly gripping sound is what we can expect from the impending record. One which I am eager to hear.

The song has impact, is carefully crafted and well articulated. Shyguy is a clear talent.