PREMIERE: Segers bravely speaks out for women’s freedom in her new clip The Wandering

With a wild vocal, Perth-based singer songwriter Segers has dropped a powerful new clip for the single she released earlier this year The Wandering.

The video follows a narrative based around the bravery it takes to walk away from an unhappy relationship, and the release you find in freedom. Shot across the city scape and into the wilderness, the clip is filled with promise and vulnerability.

Opening on a struggle between partners, our protagonist calls on her strength to set herself free into the night, calling on the kindness of strangers and her own sense of self as she rediscovers her purpose and value.

segers the wandering music video

Touching on an important conversation for women’s strength and the power of independence and bravery, Segers has delivered a music video worthy of celebration and discussion.

Showcasing some pretty phenomenal parts of the Australian landscape, we cut between the narrative and Segers herself. The clip is raw, personal and utterly authentic.

Her powerful voice is filled with natural passion and drive, its message beautifully overlaid against sharp and building instrumentation. The Wandering is a music video that not only accompanies Segers’ stripped back and bold vocals, but utilises narrative to transform her song into a relatable storyline.

There’s always something so engaging about being taken into someone else’s experience through music, and Segers has done this beautifully.

We’re holding out for some live dates, but until then Segers has some seriously beautiful releases under her belt and ones which we highly suggest getting around. Having worked with those who have produced Meg Mac and Eskimo Joe, to say that Segers is supported by an incredible team would be an understatement. Big things are on the horizon for this poetic and transformative artist.