Watch sparks fly as Foo Fighters make their 1995 television debut on Letterman

The journey of Foo Fighters began over 20 years ago now. When he was still in Nirvana, Dave Grohl had been writing his own music, and he began recording demos only months after Kurt Cobain died.

Their first single This Is A Call was received extremely well, and two months after it was first released Foo Fighters were already touring, including their TV debut on Letterman in August 1995.

They soon became MTV favourites and today, are one of the world’s largest bands. Half decent, considering Grohl never thought there would be a wide audience for his music.

foo fighters 1995 letterman debut single this is a call

Over 20 years ago, Foo Fighters began their journey to the top. Behold their very genesis in this 1995 live performance on Letterman.

The clip shows Grohl and the boys at their most raw, but the talent is still overwhelming. Grohl was definitely still finding his voice, sounding a little more ragged than he does today (not to mention a little more like Kurt Cobain).

Grohl recruited former Nirvana touring guitarist Pat Smear and the rhythm section of Sunny Deal Real Estate for this performance and the concurrent tour.

Via Rolling Stone.

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