Sydney lockout laws are slipping away as more venues are granted extended trading hours

An extra 30 minutes have been added to the trading hours of a heap of Sydney music venues in spite of lockout laws and we are all rejoicing!

Kings Cross Hotel, Slip On Inn and a bunch of others are now joining the likes of Oxford Art Factory and World Bar and will be allowed to trade until a little bit later in the night, giving music fans across the city a sliver of hope that the fun has not yet ended.

lockout laws keep sydney open rally

As amendments to the lockout laws keep rolling out, let’s give a big cheers to those who are taking action for the sake of our music industry.

The exemptions will mean that  20 venues are able to extend their last drinks from 3am to 3:30am, and lockouts from 1:30am to 2am. It might not seem like much, but the tireless efforts of groups like Keep Sydney Open have meant that the conversation for live music and entertainment in our city is not dead and still pushing for change.

There are a few conditions though, the venues must be providing live entertainment and not have reports of violence for the extensions to apply. Which means that for those who are wanting to take advantage of the new and improved times, play safe and play smart for the sakes of us all.

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