PREMIERE: LöneFree are gritty rock renegades in their gripping new clip On My Way Down

With their first album under the belt and another record in the pipeline, Victorian rock act LöneFree are back in the game with their brand new clip On My Way Down.

True to the gritty rock they’re known for, the clip is filled with dark shadows and a thrilling rawness. A simple narrative and an insight into the band’s musicianship, On My Way Down is a nod to the effortless and striking power of LöneFree’s aesthetic.

They’ve received acclaim from some of Australia’s most notable rock critics including Iron Hayden of Triple M, who said of the band’s opening track from album Made in Wax;

“…Really could not recommend more to have a listen… straight-up, unapologetic rock… if you’re from a little indie label, or from one of the big record companies, please listen to this and follow it up!”

The music video for On My Way Down is simple, but it packs a dramatic, performative punch and is the perfect way to introduce LöneFree as an act.

They’ve supported acts such as hard rock legends Kingswood and played on lineups with Birds of Tokyo and The Pierce Brothers. With clear influences in The Foo Fighters and Soundgarden, LöneFree are built on a foundation of classic 70s guitar rock, developing into something with significantly more fury after noting that their town on the Mornington Peninsula was in desperate need for more rock acts.

On My Way Down is a clip that sums up perfectly the raw and shameless energy of a band who’s passion for their sound never wanes.

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Most recently finishing up supporting British India, LöneFree proved to be an ‘unexpected crowd favourite’ with the tour, adding to their growing list of live performances across the country.

We can expect a shorter record to be released by these guys come the end of the year but with this sweet introduction, LöneFree are well set for plenty more love to come.