Dark, misty and far from comforting, the latest clip from Driftwood will have you on the edge of your seat

Driftwood have put up a brand new clip for single Medusa ft. Aurora Rose. Moody and twisted, Medusa oozes a narrative of lunacy; in the words of Kanye, it’s a dark, twisted fantasy.

Following our protagonist through the wetlands and forest, the misty atmosphere is soaked with drama and desolation. Not lost of brooding sensibilities, Medusa is swaying, sensual lo-fi beatmaking at its best.

driftwood medusa featuring feat. aurora rose

A focus on characters wrought with damaged edges makes Medusa a cinematic and engaging clip from Driftwood. Feel their desperation as you yearn for their story.

Medusa has a mystic quality; was it fantasy or is it the darkest corners of someone’s imagination from which this dream was born? Aurora Rose sways in and out of Medusa in such a seamless way too, her voice melting into the shadows of the murky landscape.

Impeccably produced and enthralling, this clip is definitely a winner in my books. The track is not particularly enigmatic in of itself, but when combined with the complexity and maturity of the music video, Driftwood’s intent becomes apparent.

Soulful and drawing on sounds of greats Shygirls, ABRA and Sampha, Driftwood is onto something gripping and sensual. The choral echoes and wide dramatic shots over symmetric woodlands are impressive and add a theatrical quality to an already bold production.

What engaged me beyond anything else were the smooth transitions between locations. From the desolate warehouse to the sticky wetlands, this clip weaves a foreboding and dark twist to the storyline, blending the natural landscape with the shelter of cold concrete.

The clip and track are well thought out and beautifully articulated, bringing together a sexy, maddening and wholly gripping production.


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