Vibing something with emotional swag? Get around The Elephant in The Room and Y Tho

Wow. Y Tho, this tune from The Elephant in the Room, is tight as anything. With a casual melancholy and a crispy blend of blippy beats and swirling melodic flow, the Austin artist has me hooked.

“I don’t even know why you still fucking care about me?”

It’s insecurity we can all relate to, but the popped piano backing and echoed vocals bulk out this singular callout. Then out of nowhere, you’re hit with flow so natural you would be forgiven for thinking you’d walked in on a seriously personal conversation.

The Elephant in the Room is vulnerable and intimate but accessible, simple beats and powerful lyricism; this Texan is giving me everything I want from lo-fi hip-hop and more.

elephant in the room y tho

Any fans of Shygirls, Jordan Bratton and ABRA will be more than on board with The Elephant in the Room. Poetic and emotionally complex but built on sturdy foundations, Y Tho is sweet and unexpected.

Just where you think it’s fading into monotony, you’re snapped right back in with a stream of consciousness, reflective and engrossing.

The piano in this one is where it’s at for me, simple and adding a hooky ingredient to piece it all together, not just for the discerning hip hop fan, The Elephant in the Room has put forward a track that caters to most.

With a vein of pop, distinct beats and weaving poeticism, Y Tho is referencing pop culture in its most relevant form, but not without tracking the very best of raw romance and angst. Elephant in the Room is joining the growing line of hip-hop artists bending the genre in subtle and contemplative ways.

Smart and soulful, The Elephant in the Room has me hooked and I’ll definitely be on the look out for what comes next. This will not be the limit to my exploration of this gem from Texas.