Suzanne Ciani is the first female recipient of the Moog Innovation Award

Moog will present their Innovation Award to a woman for the first time, synth pioneer Suzanne Ciani

Each year, Moogfest opens conversations about musical innovation with three days of collaborative conferences and guest performances.

This year, Italian American pianist and composer Suzanne Ciani will receive the Moog Innovation Award, becoming the first female recipient.

Photo: Sevwave

Award winning composer and musical pioneer Suzanne Ciani will be the first female to win the Moog Innovation Award for her astounding use of synthesisers.

Moogfest’s mission is to “grow a global community of futurists who explore emerging sound technologies and design radical instruments for change.”

One person who certainly explored uncharted musical territories is Suzanne Ciani, who, according to Moog, “superseded many of her male contemporaries as a synthesist, sound designer, and composer.”

Now 70 years old, Ciani hit gold in the advertising world with the Coca Cola ‘pop and pour’ sound but her repertoire expands to video games and feature films. She is a five-time Grammy winning composer as well as the first woman to score a Hollywood film.

Previously, the award has been given to Gary Numan, Devo, Brian Eno, Bernie Worrell, Thomas Dolby and co-inventor of the Moog Synthesiser Herb Deutsch.

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