Wordslut by Amanda Montell, Dry Milk by Huo Yan and more – Happy’s Weekend Reading

Gear up for the weekend with some of the literary world’s best new releases. On the list is an examination of language through a feminist lens, exporting dry milk to the motherland, the world’s most talented man, solo survival in space and a songwriter’s memoir. Let’s check out the finest reads for this weekend. 

Across the Void, Dry Milk, Wordslut, A Dream About Lightning Bugs and Prodigy are the best new releases we’re diving into this weekend.

Across the Void by S.K. Vaughn

Fifty years into the future, May Knox is floating helplessly in space after a catastrophe on a distant moon of Jupiter. The only person who can save her is her earthbound and broken-hearted ex-husband. Via HachetteSK Vaughan Across the Void

Dry Milk by Huo Yan

Far from home and increasingly isolated, John becomes obsessed with a student lodging in his house. He also sinks his life savings into a scheme to export powdered milk to China, with disastrous results. More details at GiramondoHuo Yan Dry Milk

Wordslut: A Feminist Guide to Taking Back the English Language by Amanda Montell

Montell takes us on an historical tour of the English language, from a feminist perspective. This books exposes the development of biased language and offers strategies for breaking those structures down. From Black Inc.Amanda Montel Wordslut

A Dream About Lightning Bugs by Ben Folds

The memoir of the songsmith is infused with biting wit and charm that characterises his musical output. Folds also reflects on the contemporary challenges of sustaining a career in the music business. More at Simon & Schuster. Ben Folds A Dream About Lighning Bugs

Prodigy, Vol. 1: The Evil Earth by Mark Millar and Rafael Albuquerque

Edison Crane isn’t just an overachiever. He’s the smartest, richest, most musically gifted man of all. And he’s here to solve the problems of the world. Visit Image Comics for information. Mark Millar Prodigy