World-first trials of MDMA as a treatment for alcohol addiction kick off in the UK

Over the last year, there have been a ton of inquiries into the medical benefits of MDMA, the key ingredient in uppers you’ll know as ecstasy.

From becoming a potential assistant medication in psychotherapy to what could be the one and only cure to tinnitus, old mate Molly has really been proving itself lately.

This week, across the pond in Bristol, researchers out of the Imperial College London are using the drug to treat patients suffering from alcohol addiction.

mdma treatment alcohol addiction help

A Bristol based research team is investigating MDMA as a treatment for alcohol addiction, one of the most damaging mental health issues in Australia.

The basis of the research formed from the recently popularised information that a huge number of addicts are sufferers of trauma, and that said trauma is a major contributor to their addiction.

Since MDMA has proved to be a successful treatment method in trauma psychotherapy, the Imperial College researchers are hoping to extend those benefits into alcoholic addiction.

Via The Guardian.

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If you think alcohol is damaging your life or the lives of people you know, you can always seek help through Australian foundation DrinkWise.