There’s a new record for the world’s biggest pot brownie

The enormous brownie weighed in at 385 kilograms and contained a whopping 20,000 milligrams of THC.

To celebrate National Brownie day last week, multi-state cannabis operator, MariMed decided to make a world record-breaking cannabis treat, measuring just under one meter wide, a meter deep and nearly 40 centimetres tall.

The brownie took 24 hours to make, using 1,344 eggs, 113 kilos of sugar, 96 kilos of butter, 36 kilos of flour and 55 kilos of cocoa powder.

Credit: Bubby’s Baked

Apparently, the biggest challenge wasn’t actually baking the brownie, but rather finding a table strong enough to put it on. MariMed official Ryan Crandall said they had to build a pallet to support the table and keep the giant baked-good intact.

Crandall says the company plans on selling the weedy whopper to a medical marijuana patient in Massachusetts.

You’re probably thinking, “That’s a lot of whacky tobacky for one person” but Crandall has assured everyone, “The 20,000 mg of THC in the brownie actually falls within the max allowed for a medical patient in the state”.

First of all, we don’t know how anyone’s going to finish the brownie before it gets mouldy, and second, surely the 200 kilos of sugar and butter is more concerning than the THC.

MariMed contacted Guinness World Records to try and get a spot in the next edition of their sacred book, but Guinness politely declined, claiming the publication “no longer accepts applications or creates new record titles that are related to the consumption, preparation or use of tobacco, cannabis or nicotine products.”