Travis Scott has been removed from Coachella lineup -

Travis Scott has been removed from Coachella lineup

An interesting new development in the Travis Scott saga unfolds as he is removed from next year’s Coachella lineup.

The tragedy that occurred at Astroworld last month cannot be understated. A crowd surge saw ten people killed, and Travis Scott’s level of responsibility for the deaths has been a topic of debate since the incident.

Whatever your personal opinion, a petition demanding Scott be removed from the Coachella line-up reflects the general public’s outcry for some accountability – garnering over 60,000 signatures since Astroworld.

Travis Scott interview via Youtube

Just a quick piece of advice – if you’re currently facing public upheaval over the tragic deaths that occurred at one of your concerts only a month ago, maybe don’t go ahead and do an interview centring yourself and basically deflecting any and all responsibility.

Oh Travis, if only you listened to us sooner. Doing his first public interview since Astroworld, with Charlamagne Tha God last week, Scott’s being accused of making calculated, and lawyer-driven moves in an attempt to “…shift blame from him to someone else,” says attorney Tony Buzbee, who is representing the family of 21-year-old victim Axel Acosta.

Travis Scott is known to have a pretty controversial reputation of encouraging reckless behaviour at his shows.

He’s actually been charged for disorderly conduct at past performances. In August 2015, Scott was charged after encouraging fans to jump security barriers at Lollapalooza. A stampede saw a 15-year-old girl injured, and Scott plead guilty.

Then again, in 2017, Travis Scott was charged for encouraging fans to run on stage during a concert in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Another incident in 2017 left a 23-year-old fan partially paralysed after being pushed off an upper-level balcony as Scott encouraged fans to jump. “They gonna catch you, don’t be scared! Fall!” Scott allegedly said while performing on stage.

The petition basically calls out this repeated behaviour and asks for his sets to be axed from all Goldenvoice festivals, and well, he’s officially off Coachella.

The city of Indio (where Coachella takes place), and Jim Curtis, the festival’s Community Services Manager, have confirmed Travis Scott has been removed from the 2022 line-up, reported KESQ News 3This could be the start of a pretty deep dip in what has been an exponential career.

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