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Wren and Cuff Garbage Face: J Mascis tone for your pedalboard

The guitar tone of Dinosaur Jr.‘s J Mascis is the stuff of legend. Epic walls of fuzz have emanated from his Ram’s Head Big Muff for decades. Now boutique pedal makers Wren and Cuff have bottled that sound: the J Mascis Garbage Face.

This new incarnation of the J Mascis tone has been created in collaboration with the man himself, matching the components of his favourite Big Muff down to the tiniest detail, plus adding some modern enhancements to get even more out of the iconic sound. J Mascis Garbage Face

The brutal fuzz of Dinosaur Jr.’s J Mascis is a part of rock folklore. With the Garbage Face, Wren and Cuff have given this unique tone new life.

Big Muff clones are not exactly rare, but the beauty of this pedal is that it matches the idiosyncrasies of J Mascis’ very own, even paying tribute to its flaws. Wren and cuff explain:

A part-by-part recreation of J’s number one Muff since 1987, this is not just any 70’s EHX Ram’s Head. J’s pedal is an odd bird with parts values that are “incorrect” and component values that have drifted far from their original values during its near-50 year journey.”

Mascis’ favourite germanium treble booster is also incorporated into the pedal’s structure, meaning that you add extra harmonic complexity to the fuzz tone—a crucial element in Dinosaur Jr.’s soaring solos.

For more details, visit Wren and Cuff.