Xbox reveals Smart Delivery details and what it means for players

Unless you’ve been hiding under a very large rock, you’ll know that the two console giants, Xbox and Playstation are clicking over to a new generation. What does that mean for your preexisting game library? Smart Delivery has come to the rescue, for Xbox users at least.

It’s the classic conundrum: to upgrade or not to upgrade? Smart Delivery aims to make that transition to the Xbox Series X a less nerve-racking experience. Xbox Series X Smart Delivery

Smart Delivery is a key component of the Xbox Series X rollout. It ensures that you’ll have no extra to pay when you upgrade to the next generation.

In a post on Xbox Wire, the company explained that Smart Delivery will “which will ensure that you always play the best version of the games you own for your console, across generations.

They went onto explain the real-world implications of the system in three typical scenarios:

  • Xbox Game Pass users will who are already playing a game on Xbox One will have access to an optimised version of the game if they choose to upgrade to the Xbox Series X.
  • If you buy a game on Xbox One, you will be able to download the new Xbox Series X version of the same game for free, if you choose to upgrade.
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X will also work together. For example, if you begin a game on the old console and then upgrade, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on the new console.

It all adds up to some great news if you’ve accumulated a much-loved game library on the Xbox One. Check out Xbox Wire for more details.