Common Xbox Series X/S issues and how to fix them (updated)

Having problems with your Xbox Series X/S? Microsoft has released a list of known issues and how to get around them.

Here’s some quick fixes for any common issues you might come across with your new Xbox Series X/S.

Microsoft has uploaded a blog post covering the known issues people are facing with the Xbox Series X/S consoles. The most common problem so far seems to be an issue revolving around the 4K/120hz displays – fix this by turning off your VRR or lowering the resolution – but a few other fixes should also prove useful!

Xbox Controller Kamil S

4k/120Hz display

Some people who are using a 4K/120Hz TV that also supports VRR are experiencing corrupted images and no signals (a reminder of the Xbox one display issues) when the Xbox is configured for 4K120 + VRR. Microsoft states that the issue is found with various TVs from LG, Samsung, and Vizio.

So if you are experiencing the Xbox Series X black screen we are here to help. To get around it, there are a number of options depending on your equipment.

  • Update your TV to the latest firmware and make sure your TV is connected to the internet with Automatic Updates enabled:

If the issues continues:

  • Configure the console for 4K/60 with VRR by checking the ‘Allow variable refresh rate’ box. To get there, go to ‘Settings’, ‘General’, ‘TV & display options’, and ‘Video Modes’.
  • Configure the console for 4K/120 with no VRR by unchecking the ‘Allow variable refresh rate’ box. The resolution and refresh rates are found under ‘Display’ in the ‘TV & display options’.
  • If you want 120Hz and VRR, configure for 1080p/120Hz VRR or 1440p/120Hz VRR.

If you’re having issues with a corrupted image:

  • Restart your console and configure the video modes to one of the options mentioned above.
  • If the image is still corrupted after restarting, disable VRR on the TV. Instructions to do this will be in your TV’s manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you’re still having issues after trying these steps, you’ll need to perform the video mode reset sequence to get back to a default state. After it’s reset, you can configure one of the above options. Follow the steps on this page under ‘Your screen is blank after you turn on the console -> Reset your display settings’.

Xbox Series X/S wireless headset issues

Certain users who are operating on a pre or current 20h1 Windows operating systems may encounter issues when using an Xbox Wireless Headset.

To resolve this, update your firmware by downloading the latest version here.

Users who are running on 20h1+ or above and are still encountering issues should take the following steps. This will ensure your software is compatible with the headset.

Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update > Check for updates > View optional Updates and ensuring you are on one of the latest supported KB.

Here are the current builds for 20h1 and 20h2.

Third-party headsets

Some users with third-party headsets are unable to make use of the analogue volume controls that come provided with them. Currently, there is no fix to this issue, however, you can adjust voice and game volume in the Xbox Audio Mixer.

To do this go to Guide > Audio. Alternatively, you can use a previous generation controller which does not encounter any of the issues stated above.

Owners of SteelSeries headsets may notice that when they turn on their headset this will trigger the Xbox to turn on as well. A cool feature, but one that may become annoying if you use the headset across multiple devices.

To change this setting, you will need to plug your SteelSeries headset into a computer and download the SteelSeries Engine. Install the engine, then click on the Artics 9x Critical banner and follow the on-screen instructions.

EA Play app

Players with this issue find that the EA Play app won’t launch or install on their Xbox Series X/S device.

At this point in time, there is no workaround to solve this issue. Microsoft ensures they are working with their app partners to find resolutions. The EA Play app will only work on an Xbox One gen device.

Microsoft instructs players to go to the Store and search for your game if they are looking for ways to claim your 10-hour trials for popular games. There will be a ‘Free Trial with EA Play’ button.

If players are looking to play the full games included with their EA Play subscription, they can be accessed through ‘My Games & Apps’, ‘Full Library’, and ‘EA Play’.

Controller disconnecting

Players have been reporting that some controllers seem prone to disconnecting while being used. This problem is not related to battery levels.

Currently, there is no official solution. However, players have reported that connecting the controller manually (through the charging cable) to the console will re-establish connection. Similarly, restarting the console has proven successful for some players.

Game captures

Some players are reporting that their game captures appear to be too dark.

This issue has been fixed in a recent update however it is still persisting for a few users. If your game captures are too dark the only current solution is to turn off HDR when taking a capture.

This can be done like so:

“To disable Auto-HDR, turn on your console, and then press the Xbox button on your controller. Select Power & System > Settings > General > TV & Display Options > Video Modes, and then uncheck ‘Auto HDR.'”

You’ll have to restart any games that are currently running for your changes to take effect.

BBC iPlayer app

Upon launch, the BBC iPlayer app was not launching or installing on the Series X/S. After close collaboration between Microsoft and the BBC a compatible version of the iPlayer app has made its way on to the Store.

Game clips

There are a number of issues with game clips which aren’t resolved at this time but will be resolved soon. These are:

  • Players are coming up against a “trim failed” error when attempting to trim 4K videos.
  • Uploading 4K videos to Xbox Live from an Xbox Series X sometimes results in an error or blank screen.
  • Sharing 4K videos to Twitter from an Xbox Series X sometimes results in an error or blank screen.

There is no workaround at this time, but Microsoft is aware of the issues and will be addressing them in a forthcoming console OS update. Until then, trimming will still work at 1080p. Players can access 1080p through ‘Settings’, ‘Preferences’, ‘Capture & share’, ‘Game clip resolution’, ‘1080p’.

DVD and Blu-ray playback

Some players are encountering a black screen when they insert a DVD of Blu-ray into their console.

Microsoft advises that you should remove the disc from the console, restart, and then re-insert the disc.

Disc drive

Some users have reported a number of malfunctions happening with the disc drive.

The most common problems have been clicking sounds and certain discs not playing. However, in some cases discs have become stuck in the drive, either fully or partially so.

If possible attempt to eject the problem disc and try another disc. If this solves the problem then you have a problem disc. However, if the problem persists then unfortunately the best course of action is to contact Microsoft. Similarly, if the disc becomes stuck it is advisable to contact Microsoft immediately. Opening up your Xbox manually will void the warranty.


After a recent Xbox Series X/S system update, some users are reporting that their CEC settings are not being applied.

To remedy this do the following:  Although the setting may show as “On,” you will have to toggle the console’s CEC settings on and off for everything to be applied back again. Go to Settings > General > Power mode & startup > TV & AV power options > HDMI-CEC.

Peacock TV app

While using Peacock TV some users were experiencing pixelated frames.

Microsoft has removed this from their list of known issues, which leads us to believe that the issue has been resolved internally.

Quick Resume

A select number of optimised titles are experiencing issues with Quick Resume. Microsoft has disabled the feature from the games experiencing the problem, but they’re working to get it fixed as quickly as possible.

As of July 12th 2021, this problem has been fixed by the XBOX INSIDER VER. 2108.210708-2200 patch.

Xbox Series X won’t turn on

This may sound condescending, but if your Xbox Series X wont turn on the first thing to investigate is the cords. The issue could be a damaged power socket, faulty cord or a power surge event. Try swapping cords and sockets to determine the issue. Also, investing in a power surge protector is never a mad idea.

Remote Play on Windows 10

Some players are finding that they are not able to console stream to a Windows 10 device through the Xbox Console Companion app.

Microsoft informs players that this feature is only supported by Xbox One gen devices.

Players are able to stream to an Android or an iOs device via the Xbox app with the Xbox Series X/S.

Update (April 8, 2022): Since the writing of this piece the Xbox Mobile App has made it possible to play your Xbox Series X/S remotely on a Windows 10 device (such as your laptop). For a full run down check this guide here.

Xbox Media Remote

Some users have been experiencing that when using an Xbox Media Remote to power/control their new Xbox Series X|S consoles, it will continue to power on a previous Xbox One X or One S or additional equipment like sound systems or TVs.

Unfortunately, there is no way to stop the IR from powering on devices within its range, however, there is a way to prevent all consoles that are not your primary consoles from powering on or off your additional equipment like your TV or your sound systems.

To fix this on an Xbox Series X|S console, disable Device Control (IR Blaster) on your console(s) by going to Settings > General > Power mode & startup > TV & AV power options > and disable all commands that particular console sends to your additional devices when powered on or off.

To do this on an Xbox One console, disable Device Control (IR Blaster) on your console(s) by going to Settings > TV & OneGuide > Device control > Device power options > ensure all commands are set to Nothing to disable all commands that particular console sends to your additional devices when powered on or off.

Microsoft has promised that they will update this post when they learn more workarounds or potential resolutions.

If you find that your problem is not on this list, go to the Xbox Series X/S FAQ for further information.


Still trying to get your hands on a console? The Xbox Series S is currently available on the Microsoft store, but the Xbox Series X is a little harder to find. Here’s a handy guide.