Where to camp if you’re still waiting for the Xbox Series X/S in Australia

It’s hard to secure a Xbox Series X/S unit in these trying times, but that doesn’t mean you should just give up. We’ve compiled a list of where and when you can safely secure yourself an ever-elusive next-gen Xbox.

We’ve seen the surge of players lunge – both virtually and in real life – for the PS5. But let’s not forget about the other big contender on the market, because the Xbox Series X/S are similarly leaving many feeling bummed out from the lack of shipments to Australia.

The Xbox Series X and S aren’t perfect, with many users reporting various issues that Microsoft are slowly ironing out. However, that’s not stopping millions of people – including you, dear reader – from desperately staking out every games retailer across the country in the faintest hope of snagging Microsoft’s next-generation consoles.

xbox x/s australia

Where to hunt for the Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X is proving the more popular console, packed with some extra horsepower under the hood. If you’re chasing that 4K 60FPS dream on the newest, most demanding games, the Series X is what you’ll want to grab – but it’s popularity means it’s harder to secure.

The Microsoft Store is the main space to check out if you’re after the Xbox Series X. Sadly, even though orders reopened recently, it sold out again in the blink of an eye.

Those keen on snagging this edition of the next-gen Xbox can also try staking out other popular retailers in Australia, including Harvey Norman, EB Games, Kogan, Target, and more. Essentially, wherever you can buy the Xbox Series S, the Series X will also follow.

Reasons for the abysmally limited number restocks for the Xbox Series X are mainly quoted to be due to AMD’s supply constraints, which have severely delayed the manufacturing and shipping processes in a domino-like reaction.

Securing the Xbox Series S is slightly easier, but…

While the Xbox Series S isn’t as difficult to locate, it’s still pretty high in demand. Here are a few of the retailers you can stalk in order to safely obtain a unit.

  • Microsoft Store: Straight from the source. Get your Xbox Series S from the manufacturer right here.
  • Amazon Australia: The super digital retailer is stocked up and has units readily available for the public. Priced at the standard $499 AUD, Amazon Australia also offers free delivery as part of the package.
  • Big W: The 512 GB Xbox Series S is available online here. Both home delivery and in-store pick up are available, so all you have to worry about is clicking fast enough before it sells out!
  • EB Games: They’re currently taking orders! Quickly add it to your cart by visiting here. It’s home delivery only, by the way.
  • Harvey Norman: Much like Big W, this particular Aussie retailer also has the 512 GB version. The best part? No deposits are required – though you should expect longer delivery times, ranging from 6-14 days.
  • Kogan: Both the Xbox Series X/S are “coming soon”, though you can sign up to be on their notification list for when either one comes back in stock.
  • JB Hi-Fi: Although this tech retailer isn’t taking any new orders for the Xbox Series X, its baby sibling is available for purchase.
  • Target: Despite claiming that they’d update their stock after November 2020, Target still remains tight-lipped regarding their stock of the Xbox X/S. Nonetheless, camping at their website is also an option as they can open up new orders at any time.
  • The Gamesmen: At $499.95 AUD, this retailer has the Series S in stock both in-store and online.

An extra word as well – you are limited to one purchase per order, so it’s every individual for themselves. No pressure intended.

That’s all the info we have on obtaining either the Xbox Series X/S in Australia – or both, if you’re an avid fan. Stay tuned on this page, as we’ll be updating the post with the latest details as soon as we get ’em.