Xirita crafts soulful electro pop on her new single ‘Don’t Go’

Jessica Frizziero, better known as Xirita, creates blissful pop expressions that are as retrospective as they are catchy. Don’t Go is her latest single; a bouncy track which you are sure to fall in love with. 

While Xirita is a name you may not have heard before, Frizziero is no newbie to the electronic scene. Known for her work with LouSkylarXirita devises electro-pop music which not only carries a fun and soulful sound, but delivers honest and compelling messages. 


Don’t Go is the latest single by Xirita, which proves just how bright and refreshing this Aussie talent’s approach to music really is. 

Don’t Go is a powerful tribute to the concept of creativity. Through her remarkable lyrical ability, Xirita paints a vivid picture of the spark of inspiration which consumes us, encouraging us to hold on to it for as long as we can. These words are brought to life through stunning vocals, drenched in a clear appreciation for rhythm and blues. 

Xirita has enlisted the help of Melbourne producer Cropley to jam-pack the track with tasty bass and only the best electro-pop vibes. Cropley is known for his genre-defying electronic production and has helped bring Don’t Go to close perfection, further elevating the incredible and ruminative sonic vision of Xrita. 

Frizziero’s previous work has been no stranger to praise, being featured on triple Unearthed, as well as performing in the most popular venues across Melbourne’s eclectic nightlife. 

Don’t Go is an impressive taste from Jessica Frizziero’s first solo project as Xirita. If one thing is certain, big things are on the way from this budding star. Listen to the new track above.