This incredible blue bee is sure to cheer up your day

If you thought bumblebees only came in black and yellow, you’re probably not alone.

Turns out bees actually come in a bunch of colours, including green, orange, purple, white, and black. However, perhaps most eye-catching is the Xylocopa caerulea – otherwise known as the blue carpenter bee.

blue bee, carpenter bee

Did you know that there are blue bees? The blue carpenter bee is bigger than most and prefers a solitary life. Get to know it below.

These bees can be found in Southeast Asia, India, and Southern China, and they are known for being less aggressive than others. As opposed to honey bees, who build intricate hives containing thousands of worker bees, the blue carpenter bees live relatively solitary lives, building nests in trees. Occasionally queen bees will share an entry hole to their nest so that they can have some company.

Compared to other bees, the blue carpenter bees are also quite heavy and large. The most common bees in Australia, the European honey bee, grow to 17 mm long. In comparison, the blue carpenter bees can grow to 28 mm.

Unfortunately, if you’re a male blue carpenter bee, you don’t get the fancy blue colouring (scientifically known as pubescence). Males are a greenish-brown colour. Females are also the only ones who have stingers.

Check out some more photos below.

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