Ya No Solo captures the beauty and tragedy of love

What is this maddness!?! 12 likes! 12 likes! That just goes to show how much of a baby this Sydney based electronic pop project is, and how seven billion, one hundred and twenty-four million, nine hundred and ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and eighty-eight of you are having a slow day. Time to get up to speed and discover songwriter and producer, Ya No Solo, aka Tiim Hempton!

ya no solo

Although very early in their career, Ya No Solo’s debut release, Last Chance, will bring a tear to your eye as they capture the beauty and tragedy of love.

As we’ve mentioned, these guys are still fairly new. New car smell new. But that doesn’t work against them when it comes to the quality of their songwriting.The minimalist electronic approach to Last Chance ft. Rebecca O’Brien compliments the singer’s voice by unearthing its purity – it’s what artists do and what they do best; find the beauty in things that surround us and help us grow to appreciate them too. Ya No Solo collaborates with different singers and this time they have done so with Rebecca O’Brien – her vocals sustains this sweetness and youthfulness reminiscent of Montgomery, making them a perfect match.

Like stardust falling from the sky in which lonely lovers gaze at each night, Last Chance has this beautiful and emotional lyrical flow – the rhythm and rhyme allows the song’s narrative to present itself in its reflective and fragile form. The push and pull of tempo, and the sense of elevation and being dragged under in the chorus, perfectly captures the tragedy of relationships when feelings are not mutual. The addition of the cascading piano melodies makes the blow to this reality easier to cope with – a glimpse of hope hidden in the thick of it all.

With lyrics including,I don’t wanna be your last chance at a good thing, I don’t wanna sell my last dance for your double dutch diamond ring, I don’t wanna hear you tell me I’m your everything , You’re not in love, this isn’t love, you know you’re in for a bittersweet heartbreaker of a tune and is definitely a must for your breakup soundtrack.

Keep an eye out for more music from Ya No Solo as they promise more releases sometime before December – the wait is too long, it’s just so cruel! *sobs profusely* They’re still finding their feet, but boy do they appear upright and ready to go with this debut single.


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