Yetis – Dangerous

This song is cute. Like, really, really cute. I’m actually going to give a warning out just in case you’ve OD’ed on cuteness via cat videos and GIFs on Youtube and/or Tumblr – leave this page NOW! Maybe go check out some of the dark and moody track/album/artist reviews of which we have in abundance, that will balance you out nicely :)


A four-piece of beautiful harmonies and gorgeous hair, Yetis will warm the coldest ears with their folk finesse

For those who are still here because you’re sick of dark and moody, are feeling dark and moody yourself, or were misled by the super-ironic name of the song; let us proceed…

Yetis are all about happy, cheery folk which is so infectious and adorable that you will have to try very hard to be able to hold back a smile in order to continue looking indifferent and cool (I’ve given up). If you watch the MV for this single, you will understand what the heck it is I’m going on about – spoiler alert (not really) it looks like an educational cartoon for toddlers, and I mean this in the most complimentary way possible… I’ve watched it at least 5 times.

Dangerous is  Yetis first single, and the only track they have out on the mighty beast that is iTunes, you’re just going to have to visit their bandcamp to see their small but steadily growing body of work. In terms of sound, it’s very light and happy pop which is perfect for all your easy-listening needs. With sweetly innocent lyrics like: ‘doing things for you it makes me feel good inside, it’s like a sweater worn in the winter-time’ and ‘If you need groceries I’ll do the shop, oh, let me help please’ – the subject of this song sounds like Taylor Swift’s dream come true!*

I know we’ve just gotten into Spring, but I can already picture Summer barbecues where raucous sing-a-longs will ensue because with a simple toe-tapping beat, improvisable jangly percussion and a shouty chorus that manages to sound good even when your friends are terribly off-key, this sing-along, with Dirt Farmer‘s new record (Oh come on, I had to refer to this because their album actually has BBQ in the album title) will totally be on my Summer playlist!

*sighs, yes I know, my licence to write here will probably be evoked if I keep making T-Swizzle references but I. Just. Can’t. Help. Myself.



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