Track by track with YNG Martyr’s poignant debut album “Lovesick”

YNG Martyr delves into the melodic and introspective landscape of his debut “Lovesick.”

Emerging from the heart of Naarm, the gifted Wiradjuri artist YNG Martyr has stepped onto the music scene with his poignant debut album, “Lovesick.”

This collection of twelve tracks offers a candid and introspective exploration, pushing the boundaries of conventional hip-hop and weaving a narrative that resonates deeply with the human experience.


Known for his melodic take on hip-hop, YNG Martyr joined forces with acclaimed producer Tasker, known for his work with artists like Alison Wonderland, Nooky, and Maribelle.

Collaborating closely with creative partner Logan M, they crafted an album that not only captures contemporary hip-hop influences but also seamlessly incorporates elements of nostalgia, showcased through the nostalgic punk tones in “Hate U” and the minimalist piano ballads in “Colder.”

At the heart of the album lies the tension between prioritizing personal relationships and pursuing individual aspirations. YNG Martyr’s artistry delves into this delicate equilibrium, blending honest rap verses with heartfelt vocals.

The album provides insights into its diverse terrain, highlighted by standout singles including “Frostbite,” “As I Should” featuring Allday, “Overthinking,” “5 Years,” and “WAIT!” All of which YNG Martyr breaks down for us in this track by track below:


I’m reflecting on how the past has turned me cold. Referencing my ex’s mental issues and the real impact that had on our relationship, and my inability to deal with that appropriately: “ex excessive but I loved her to death, manic depressive pressing buttons just to fuck with my head:

And my best friend’s drug addiction and eventual overdose with the line “Narcan had my brother on the pavement, dark days heart breakless feeling painless, and people really ask ‘why I switched my situation’ ”


Me rationalizing and contemplating the relationship’s demise. Accomplishment > Love mindset. The realisation that it is over and now I am left with the reality of the situation. I am Overthinking the details of things, wondering if I did the right thing, even though I know I did what I had to.

As I Should 

A pop-rap anthem, summarizing the good in the bad. Acknowledging how important this person is to me, despite all of the pitfalls of the relationship.


This one is the opposite of “As I Should”. A punk pop anthem, summarizing the bad. The yang to the yin of “As I Should”. Acknowledging that I cannot leave the relationship, despite knowing I need to.


Melancholy in it’s true form. Drug fueled, mistake-ridden, depressive. Knowing I can reach out to her to fix things, but knowing that it will not fix anything. Left with questions and no answers.

5 Years

A hugely expressive song. Probably my favourite of the entire album. I wrote this after seeing my ex after 5 years, genuinely. Was driving through Canberra’s central, saw her, locked eyes for a moment and kept driving. This moment had a profound impact on me, it was an insanely strange moment.

I had built this person up in my head as I had missed them for years, and then finally they were right there, and I felt an intense wave of nostalgia. I thought I was done with the situation but it brought back so many questions like “How do you feel?”, “Do you love me like you did?”.

 As soon as I got home I recorded this song. I wrote the 2 sections, and there was nothing more to write. This experience was immensely freeing and painful.


Frostbite on my soul. That gnawing feeling of underlying pain that we push to the back. I grabbed this feeling and expressed it in a campfire-esque sing along type song. It felt like the only way to connect it to other people and compartmentalize it. Pain, regret, but rejoice.


This is a huge push/pull type track. Reflecting back, acknowledging anger, wishing the person well but also wanting them back. This track is lyrically so unsure of itself, I cannot decide how to feel or what I want. “WAIT!” is me asking for more time to process things and decide what I truly want.

REYKO’s Interlude 

I could not have written a better song to summarize my feelings at this point in time. So I didn’t. Reyko wrote this and sent it as a demo for me to just listen to and give him notes on. I instantly became infatuated with it, relating to it even more than he did I think. “I can’t change what I’ve done, but I can change your mind” is such a beautifully twisted statement.


I don’t know, this one just sucks to listen to emotionally. It kills me. Pianos and pain. This is probably the lowest emotional point of the album.


Finally feeling like things are moving forward, I am a changed person here. I have reconnected with love as an emotion and things feel different. There is an ecstasy filled psychedelic drop at the end that is meant to symbolize the feeling of love, truly falling for someone again.

Where We Started

This song is the deja-vu moment in love, realizing that this relationship, this person, is no different than the last. We are right back where we started.

Back in that same place. In ways this is beautiful acceptance of what it means to love, and in ways this is acceptance of the torment and pain that comes with that. This song is Lovesick.

To mark the album’s release, YNG Martyr is hosting a launch party on Saturday, August 18th, at Laundry Bar. The event promises a live performance by the hip-hop maestro himself, accompanied by culinary delights from Fat Fried and thematic drinks inspired by the album.

Ticket info here.