Suffering from post-pandemic brain fog? Here’s how you can combat it

If you’re struggling with brain fog after years of relentless lockdowns, you’re not alone. Luckily, there’s a new, science-backed way to stay focussed: welcome to the world of nootropics.

If you’ve seen the film Limitless, or the television series based on the film, you’d be familiar with the effects of the fictional drug NZT.

It’s a nootropic drug that increases your brain’s functionality to superhuman levels, improving memory, intelligence, and all-around brain performance while the drug is in effect. Well, the boffins at Yootropics have produced a similar pill, only without the side effects that hit when the drug wears off.

Limitless Drug
Credit: Relativity Media/Limitless

Yootropics’ Brain supplements are scientifically backed to enhance your performance, energy, and focus. They have undergone deep clinical trials to guarantee safety, and while you probably won’t see holographic letters circling the room around you as you work, the pill has been proven to dramatically improve brainpower.

So how do nootropics work?

Put simply, nootropics are “smart drugs” that increase brain performance. Caffeine is often categorised as a nootropic because it primarily enhances alertness and mood.

Most nootropics only affect one or two paths to the brain, but Brain by Yootropics is a multi-pathway supplement, that targets every one of your brain’s key cognitive pathways to eliminate the effects of brain fog.

Yootropics’ pill is the first multi-pathway nootropic to be approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), making Brain a unique supplement that can be taken with confidence.

What effects can you expect from Brain supplements?

  • An improvement in mental alertness
  • Support for nervous system health
  • Maintenance of energy levels
  • A decrease in cognitive fatigue
  • Support for cognitive development
  • Improvement in memory

If you’re interested in finding out more, head over to Yootropics’ website.