You probably don’t wanna know what The Pinheads and Totally Unicorn talk about when they’re together, but here it is anyway

It’s been said that we in the 21st century thrive within a golden age of journalism. Never before has information been so freely available and so vital. This is all thanks to our heroic men and women on the front lines, wringing answers from the world like a moist sponge and concocting the finds into a story, encased in gold and riddled with enlightenment.

Blogs, magazines and papers across the globe are experiencing an unprecedented spike in journalistic jewels; which makes it it’s all the more heartbreaking that all we got was this interview between The Pinheads and Totally Unicorn. Artworks by the bands are an added bonus. We’re so sorry.


The Pinheads and Totally Unicorn have been touring together lately and when they finally got a chance to reflect together, things got pretty messed up.

Questions The Pinheads, Answers Totally Unicorn 

PH: How many 5 dollar dominos pizzas can you eat in one sitting?

TU: I have now spent a good 15 minutes trying to find the $5 pizza menu from Dominos and have not been successful. All I know now after looking at pictures of pizzas for a quarter of an hour is that I regret making curry for dinner. All I want is pizza… every pizza. But enough of the bullshit. You want the facts. 16.

PH: Is it true u pissed your pants in an interview, to answer yes; piss in ur pants in this interview?

TU: There was an interview we did  after playing Yours & Owls (now ‘Rad Bar’) on Crown St in Wollongong where Mike was naked. And I think he pissed on the street that night on camera – or was it Ben? I dunno. But there definitely weren’t pants involved. So the answer is I now have to clean my lounge….

PH: Would u rather cheezl dust finger forever or liv wiv splinter in ur willo?

TU: Cheezl dust cause then I would save money by just buying the plain Doritos and let my fingers do the talking.

PH: Have you done a poo so good you cried?

TU: I cry everytime… I have terrible hemroids….not the good cry

PH: Is it tru DAT u r turtel in corn?

TU: Is this some kinda meme or dab thing??? Sorry we are old. My favourite member of Korn is Monkey.

Questions Totally Unicorn, Answers Pinheads

TU: Seeing as some of you are mad surf rats…Who would you rather drop in on and why Patrick Swayze or Keane Reeves?

PH: Keanu Bean

TU: Finish this line…. Beer before grass you’re on your arse. Weed before beer…. ?

PH: Drink sum beer

TU: People that haven’t been to the gong might not know this but there forever has been an age old question what’s the best Chinese restaurant  in town “Food World” or “Chef’s Choice”. Please can you end the arguing now with an answer?

PH: Top choice 

TU: We have Mike but who is your bands loosest unit and give us an example?

PH: Z drinky beer at konsert

TU: Lastly what noise do you hear when you put your ear to a shell?

PH: Dog


If you’re keen for more of this mayhem, head on down to the Oxford Art Factory tonight to see all this is the fresh, sweaty flesh. Click here for the deets.