We launched Happy Mag Issue #2 this weekend here's what went down

Didn’t catch the Happy Mag Issue #2 launch? What were you thinking?! Here’s a bit of the pandemonium you missed

After a week of high tensions and bitten-down nails in anticipation for the launch of Happy Mag Issue #2, it’s safe to say we were ready to party at The Union Hotel for our launch celebration. And party we did. If you missed it, we feel for you, but we’ll do our best to fill you in.

Shots by Jack Stillman.

Happy Mag Issue #2 was born into the world over a night of warm vibes, cold beer and smoking hot dance moves. If you missed it, we feel for you!

With a massive line up of Sydney faves Julia Why?, Bec Sandridge, Le Pie, Bloods and TEES punters were in for a treat, and a groove workout like no other. Easing us into a night of utter debauchery, Julia Why? was a freight train beginning at a sombre trickle and soon crescendoing into a visceral sprint that had the sheepish crowd emerging out of their shells and into fits of movement.

The night continued with the enigmatic Sandridge, someone who’s presence was felt like an ultraviolet spotlight beaming upon the crowd, striking up screams of joy and thickening the crowd at the front like the ice cream to a milkshake.

The Union grew into a pulsating hive of vibes spilling from every entrance, exit and drainpipe and onto the streets. The grooves intensified further still as Le Pie’s infectious pop infiltrated the inhibitions of crowd members while Bloods woke us up from our blissed out daze with garage perfection. Beers flowed and bodies touched and it became apparent that Happy Mag issue #2 was experiencing the birthday it deserved.

As ravenous punters, all fixated on the stage, cried for more, TEES were there to keep us riding the wave of fluorescent forgetfulness with dance grooves and beats that bounced so gently off our ear drums like warm drops of rain in a sun shower.

In the increasing ecstasy of the evening, it became apparent that Sydney’s scene remains alive and well. Talent poured from the speakers while waves of interspersing joy weaved their way softly between the bodies of those lucky enough to be in attendance.

We can only hope to experience more of the same with future launches, but for now we have the memories, we have the lingering hangovers and we have the new connections made with friends, bands and fans. If you attended, we thank you; if you missed it, never fear, we’re sure there’s more where that came from.

Grab yourself a copy of Happy Mag Issue #2 while they’re hot here.