Better than a bender in Amsterdam, Wabz does space time continuum travel in new EP Sleep Less

Ever had one of those days when you want to sprawl out on the nearest couch, bed or even the floor, be completely left alone and lose yourself to the sounds that flood the room? To close your eyes and be transported on an out of body experience to relax and re- energize is Wabz’s forte.
Residing in Melbourne, Wabz, more formally known as Nick Wuksta is sharing his electronic, chill, garage music with the world. He is one of the leading figures in the Australian UK garage scene that is emerging not only in Australia but is thriving all over the world. His ear for intricate sounds and composure makes his music fascinating. He latest EP, Sleep Less is composed as one continuous piece of work and is best listened to at full volume.


Wabz delivers an electronic binge of ambient complexity in new EP Sleep Less. A perfect soundtrack to sprawling on the couch, Wabz will have you Zen.

This is a knock your socks off EP in a different way to usual. It’s calm and collected with bursts of zest. It’s music for the senses. Every note, every instrument and every sound is channeled in his music and you won’t be able to stop listening. Played continuously, you’ll feel as if the songs mold together and create a string of different echoes. A definite existential listen lies ahead.

For an EP titled Sleep Less, shut your eyes and delve into the enigmatic sounds Wabz has created yet feel wide awake in a transfixed trip. His delicate sounds may imply a state of peace and serenity, however intertwined with jolts of electrical pulses; add this element of surprise and excitement. The intricate musical elements have created aesthetically pleasing pieces of interweaving music.

There is eeriness about the music. Usually we associate exciting music with loud and thumping vibrations, even it if it is a mellow song. This music plays on the idea that less is more, and it delivers. The songs play host to a clutter of sounds that together create this intransigent, soothing but also flustering atmosphere. The background echoing in the first song NightRider, combined with the abrupt jolts of electro sounds as mentioned, creates an uneasy, goose bump induced presence. You want to lose your mind in the song, but you want to remain weary of your surroundings at the same time.

Wabz’ music is a game for you mind. Feed your curiosity with these slow moving, transfixing melodies. They are the type of sounds that you can close your eyes to and drift to sleep if you’re that way inclined, or create your own experience based on the sounds that appeal to you and the sounds that don’t. It’s a Snakes and Ladders sound, you’re always moving in every direction, one second you’re climbing, the next just travelling and then you’re falling… deeper and deeper into astonishment.