‘You’re Gone’ by Two Another is the heartbreak anthem you need

Two Another has just launched You’re Gone. Packed with hooks and dripping with sultry, electronic vibes, it’s the ultimate slow-jam.

Since arriving on the scene a few years back, Two Another has perfected their own brand of downtempo RnB, that has flashes of funk, synth-pop, and vocal phrasing that is steeped in the school of French Touch. Their latest single, You’re Gone, packs all these irresistible elements into a searing 3-minute banger.

Innovative sound design brings the tones of You’re Gone into the future — spacious synths with warped vocal hooks greet you at the top of the track. But make no mistake: the pop elements of this lament are timeless.

Two Another

The lyrics of this track are in the past tense, so immediately a sense of regret permeates the tracks as we follow the narrative. “Something about you was a whole new deal” but “Something made you change your mind” and now “You’re gone.” Yep, we’re definitely in heartbreak territory.

But groove is at the heart of Two Another and as such, You’re Gone is heaving with rhythms. The drums alone are a masterclass: a thick kick drum rattles your chest while the reverb that bounces off the impossibly snappy snare adds its own breathing patterns.

So while it might be the perfect song for a late-night playlist when you’re crying alone, it’s also ready and willing to accompany you to the club when you’re ready to shake off the heartbreak.

Check out You’re Gone below: