Zacharria delivers his electric debut single It’s Been So Long

Zacharria’s debut single It’s Been So Long is a powerful electro-dance foot-stomper about being pleasantly confronted with the past.

Thomas Godel’s mix of the song is immaculately produced, giving the song a tight structure that unifies both the lyrical and melodic aspects into a punchy, dance-floor fire-starter.

Zacharria’s debut single is a dance-floor fire-starter that’ll leave you singing “it’s been so long” all through the night and into the day.

The mid-tempo burner opens with dramatic piano, before Zacharria enters with sultry, breathy vocals and is immediately confronted with the past. The Sydney-based singer-songwriter wrote the track after reuniting with a co-writer he’s known for more than ten years now.

Zacharria wanted the song to evoke what it felt like to see someone important to you after having been apart for so long, while also capturing the magic and spark of their creativity that hadn’t been lost with time.

Growing up in Adelaide, the musician soaked up a diverse range of sounds, from the soulfulness of Lauryn Hill, the jazz and RnB of Maxwell, to the pop-drenched electro-spheres of The Weeknd.

While some artists write to exorcise personal demons, or for the pure pleasure of putting together words and melodies, Zacharria’s writing style is of a more personal nature but not necessarily one that portrays vulnerability or fragility.

“I write songs that mean something to me – topics that have affected me in some way. In a world full of noise and distraction, I find solace in the music.”

It’s Been So Long is available now through Claudia eRecords.