Zoom unveils the G6 multi-effects processor
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Zoom unveils the G6 multi-effects processor

Zoom became world-famous for its fun and user-friendly multi-effects pedals. Now they’ve introduced the next generation. Meet the G6.

Despite 2020 being, well, 2020, Zoom had a bumper year, especially in the field recorder world. To kick off the new year, the company has returned to a classic format, launching the G6 multi-effects processor.

Zoom made its name in this field. For a period, it seemed that every budding shredder had a Zoom multi-effects pedal under their foot. While the G6 pays tribute to this heritage, its capabilities are very much next-gen.

Zoom G6

New effects on offer include the Razor Drive, which utilises comb-filtering to create a unique distortion, PolyShift, which brings nuanced variations to your sound over two octaves, drenching tone in ethereal harmonies, plus many more new sonic possibilities.

There’s a swathe of original amp models to choose from too. From modern, thick distortion (Krampus, Pollex and 7 Heaven) to the classic (Redloom and Velvet) there’s a world of amp tones to explore to find your perfect pairing with effects.

Solo jamming is easy with the G6. There are no less than 68 rhythm patterns to lock into, as well as two hours of loop time, if you use an SD card. Plus, when you’re happy with your sound, the G6 also functions as USB audio interface for easy recording.

For more details, head over to Zoom.