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Some songs have the ability to wiggle their way up into your head and lodge themselves there, only escaping after days of incessant playing or humming under your breath to the frustration of the people around you (who most likely face the same issue now).

If this is a common problem for you, why not wow your roommate, co-worker, the girl sitting next to you on the morning bus, or anyone else lucky enough to be listening in, with a band that trumps your favourite tacky pop ballad. California group Decorator creates music that is both catchy as hell and something you won’t feel ashamed about sharing.


Need a decorator for your playlist? Keep the fun summer vibes going with the effortless riffs and breezy bass of California’s Decorator.

Light hearted indie rock with a decent hit of LA fun is what this six-piece is all about, and their debut EP Transit will leave you begging for more. Released mid-2014, Transit is comprised of four tracks that will have you laughing, dancing and of course accompanying lead vocalist Miles Milendrez in a private duet.

Mad Cali Transit is the pioneering track – one with a steady but breezy rhythm, effortless guitar riffs and a prime opportunity for that duet we were talking about earlier. We’re introduced to the vocals of Milendrez, who cuts through verses with an edgy sound and then soars through the funky chorus of “I know what I’ve got to do – cut you loose.”

Faces is an upbeat song that introduced me to the slightly farfetched idea of Decorator having a similar sound to Newtown boys Sticky Fingers – sort of if you see a stranger who looks like someone you know, but only if you squint your eyes and tilt to the left. That being said, the similarities do exist. Smooth, drawn out vocals are comparable to the likes of Dylan Frost and the stripped back bridge with reggae-funk inspired melody give off the same impression. The following two songs, Roads and Heart is a Muscle, have the same addictive sounds and solidify Decorator as a band with serious confidence and entertainment value in what they do.

Anyone can write about Decorator and try to describe the energy that radiates in each song, but the only way to actually feel it is to listen and see for yourself! Pro Tip: listen out for the killer harmonies and vocal rounds in Roads, and then take it down a notch with the chilled final song of the EP.

Decorator say inspiration for their name came from a Frank Zappa quote: “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production headlines or dates by which bills must be paid,” so it’s pretty clear what the band wants to achieve through their existence – a break from the mundane everyday tasks of life and a surge of joy and entertainment. Luckily Transit has shown us the guys are definitely on the right track, so we can expect more warmth and catchy tunes coming our way from the LA rockers.



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February 4, 2015

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