§OJUX’s debut EP is masterful collection of nuanced electronica

Sydney duo §OJUX have dropped a stunning debut EP of soaring modern electronica.

The five track collection is gorgeously varied and expertly executed, brimming with substance and flair.

§OJUX§OJUX unveil their impressively varied and nuanced debut EP, Object. There is a vast landscape of electronic exploration here and it is cohesive and varied.

§OJUX is the project of production duo Zoe Gault and Greg Grassi. The two have honed their skills in producing for dozens of other artists, as well as in their own projects, and have come together to deliver an EP of concentrated, gripping electronica with substance & flair.

From the lofty electro acoustic stylings of Cold Fried Chicken to the rebellious and anthemic fight song that is Monster Not Happy, §OJUX display a unique talent for variety and a wide scope of potential for future releases. Peppered with bristling retro synth wave, the exceptional production of Greg Grassi is perfectly counter balanced with Zoe Gault’s vocals.

Shifting seamlessly from dark and brooding to fragile and delicate, Gault’s lyrics illuminate intimate mements of anxiety and float effortlessly above the electronic bed.

 CRIMSON stands out, transforming the listener’s pensive mood with a fiery ball of uptempo electronica, carried by glimmering instrumentation and its shifted refrain. Again the mood is transformed on a smooth wave of silky sound.

Throughout the collection of songs §OJUX want to make one thing abundantly clear. They won’t rest on their laurels, instead opting to create an interchanging body of work ‘with an intricate and interesting sonic landscape for the discerning electronic music fan.’

Save My Love is a dizzying dance of modulated synthwork and glitching drum lines – culminating in a track rife with electricity as it builds to its crescendo. Numb serves to close the collection with a pumping staccato beat and meshed, polyphonic electronics, taking a modern convention of pop music and flipping it into an icy counter-ballad.

All in all OBJECT is a seamless collection of well written, nuanced, electronic songs that hint at extremely diverse sonic potential to come. §OJUX have delivered an impressively powerful debut and we will be keeping a close eye on them in the future.