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10 albums that made Maximo

It’s been a few weeks now since we first heard Hold Up, the latest single from Maximo. Since then, we haven’t stopped spinning it. It’s shimmering, smooth, and completely flawless.

So we caught up with the artist himself for a list of ten tracks that helped shape him. Take it away Maximo…

Fresh off the release of his incredible new single Hold Up, we caught up with Maximo for a list of ten albums that helped shape him.

This list ended up being so much harder than I anticipated. So to make things easier, I’ve gone for ten of the earliest albums I can remember growing up. I’ve excluded singles or standout tracks and instead focused on albums as a whole. These were some of the most memorable ones I rocked, top to bottom. Ah, nostalgia.

Crazysexycool – TLC (1994)

I used to listen to this on my Walkman (yep) on road trips back home to Canberra. At about 5 years old, Red Light Special was my go to. I guess that explains a bit…

Don’t Ask – Tina Arena (1994)

Mum and Dad had a copy of this lying around the house when I was a kid. The bridge in Chains still knocks to this day.

Unleash the Dragon – Sisqo (1999)

Again, probably another inappropriate R&B record that went straight over my head. Sisqo’s melodies didn’t. Of course, coming from Dru Hill, the vocal production was unreal. That thong, th thong thong thong…

Born to Do It – Craig David (2000)

This was my older bro’s. I’d sing my heart out to this record, but would close the sliding doors first so no one could hear me. Looking back now, I’m sure they definitely could. Silky-smooth pop production.

A Collection of his Greatest Hits – Babyface (2000)

I’m pretty sure we got this ‘greatest hits’ type album for Dad as a gift, but it ended up being one of my favs. Just a masterful display of songwriting. The snare in Whip Appeal, the BVs in Every Time… damn. He and LA could do no wrong.

8701 – Usher (2001)

Found this gem one afternoon while waiting in the library after school. I would trawl through racks and racks of CDs just to bring the best ones home. Got pretty good at it after a while too. U Don’t Have to Call remains one of the dopest grooves I’ve heard – thank you, Mr Williams.

Confessions – Usher (2004)

Another incredible Usher record with flawlessly slick production. Superstar made me feel some kind of way – I guess most of the tracks did. 2000’s R&B at its finest.

College Dropout – Kanye West (2004)

My first real introduction to Kanye, before he was Kanye. A masterclass in sample-based grooves. And that bass line in All Falls Down – ugh. Try to catch the beat.

Let’s Get Lifted – John Legend (2004)

Had me from the title track. This young keys player over here was flipping out listening to such emphatic piano-driven tunes. Yeezy flexing hard as producer.

Love vs. Money – The-Dream (2009)

This record was lush, intricate and overflowing with rich harmony. Tick. I really admired The-Dream for cultivating a sound as both an artist & a songwriter-producer. *Ayy*

Well, that was cathartic. I’m gonna spend the rest of today remembering the records I forgot to include. Thanks for the throwback!

Here are 3 tracks I’m really feeling right now. Just because…

1. Another Lifetime – Nao
2. I Had a Vision – Masego
3. Boo’d Up – Ella Mai


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December 12, 2018

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